The A Team Foundation encourages a better understanding of the relationship between our approach to food, its production and consumption, and its implications on health and social wellbeing. We seek to do this by improving food access, quality, education, research and environmental stewardship through funding inspired projects and charitable organisations with like-minded goals.
   The A Team Foundation was established by trustees Ben and Tamara Arbib, who were determined to raise their young family on non-processed home cooked meals, just as they themselves had eaten as children in their respective childhood homes. The Arbib’s recognise how instrumental the simple act of eating well is to their children’s,
and every child’s development, happiness and heath.  However, with both the extremes of obesity and malnourishment as increasingly prevalent issues of life in the UK, Tamara and Ben realised that this basic human right was becoming the privilege of a few.  The Arbib’s aim through the creation of The A Team is to diminish this
disparity and rally society to see diet as central to humanity’s overall health.
   Sharing the Arbib’s principals and passion, Anna Van Der Hurd joined The A Team Foundation in the summer of 2009 to assist the trustees in the design and development of the organization. Together Ben, Tamara and Anna restructured the foundation’s focus to that of issues relating to food and food-related health in the UK. As a Director of the foundation, Anna runs the grant program, and works in tandem with the grant recipients to meet The A Team Foundation’s objectives for innovative and dynamic projects that excite tangible change in the nation’s relationship and approach to food.
   The foundation looks to support a mixture of practical projects, research and policy work. Funding will be granted to registered charities, not-for-profit and non-governmental organisations, universities and colleges in the UK and Ireland.

For information on how to apply please read:

Application guidelines

Application process
Applications and/or questions should be addressed via email to the Grants Administrator:


We will contact you within one month of receiving your proposal to let you know if you are invited to proceed to the second stage of the application process, at which time applicants may be asked to provide additional information and to be met in person.
The A Team Foundation Limited is a registered charity 1077094, and a company limited by guarantee 3775136 (England & Wales).